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In addition to the standard peer-review process, all background papers on nutrients, food groups, meal and dietary patterns as well as the background papers developed in the NNR2023 project on environmental aspects of food consumption were also submitted to public consultation. A consultation period of 4 weeks was initially practiced. However, the period was extended to 8 weeks for papers submitted to public consultation after May 2022. Thousands of comments were received and forwarded to the authors for consideration. All consultation comments have in the project period been openly accessible through the NNR2023 website.
The manuscript authors have briefly formulated a response to each of the comments. All comments to the background papers have also been considered by the NNR Committee.
The NNR2023 draft report was also submitted for public consultation. All of these comments have been answered by the NNR2023 Committee.
Throughout the project period, the public and all interested parties have also been invited to submit their comments to the NNR2023 Committee through the NNR2023 website. The NNR2023 Committee has carefully considered all comments.
Public consultation reports:
  • Food groups (link to pdf coming soon)
  • Meal-and diet patterns (link to pdf coming soon)
  • Environmental sustainability (link to pdf coming soon)
  • Comments through NNR2023 website (link to pdf coming soon)