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Secretary General’s Preface
– NNR2023

Food is a central part of our everyday life. It plays a pivotal role for our health and wellbeing. Food is a part of our culture and through food we express our creativity and celebrate our holidays. We simply cannot overstate the importance of food in our lives and our societies. The right to adequate food is a human right that most countries strive to uphold for their citizens.  Beyond affecting our personal health, our food choices also have long lasting impact on our climate and environment.
We in the Nordics have a long-standing collaboration when it comes to food. The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) is the proudest example of our joint efforts. Since 1980 we have funded accomplished scientists and experts in their work to compile the best available data on nutrition. The resulting NNR publications have served as reference texts internationally and have guided the design and development of national food based dietary guidelines in the Nordic and Baltic countries. These guidelines influence the nutrition labels that in turn inform consumer food choices. They also guide school meals and the food we serve in our hospitals and other care facilities. Serving the healthiest food possible to our children, and to those who are vulnerable and frail, is made easier through the hard work that has gone into the NNR.
This new edition, the NNR2023, is our bravest step yet. It will present the best available data for how to eat for the health of our bodies and for our planet. The decision to let this edition integrate environmental aspects is well aligned with our global commitments, and with the Nordic Vision to be the most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. We cannot, and will not, turn a blind eye to the scientific evidence of how our consumption impacts our planet.
Being mindful of how we use our resources is a global common goal. It is my sincere hope that in making NNR2023 freely available to download and use, we in the Nordics support knowledge sharing on healthy and sustainable food choices well beyond our own region. It is a pioneering body of work for the Nordic region, a labour of love for the several hundred scientists and experts who have given years of their lives to this publication, and a personal highlight for me to introduce the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2023. The change towards a healthy and sustainable Nordic region starts with our food.
Karen Ellemann
Secretary General
Nordic Council of Ministers