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The Nordic Swan

The Swan represents trust, integrity and freedom. It has served as a symbol of Nordic co-operation for over three decades. The new Swan is a simple, strong and open image of a swan in flight.
Open-ness to new thoughts, ideas and partnerships is one of the fundamental principles of Nordic co-operation.

The Swan alone

The Swan is used by itself on flags, podiums and other places where it needs to be recognised at a distance. In this context, the Swan signifies formal Nordic co-operation, and so is white on a primary blue background.
The Swan can also be used as a more subtle signifier of identity, e.g. as an imprint on folders, notebooks or other merchandise.
Download the Swan icon in all colours (SVG-format). If you need the Swan in other formats please write to pub@norden.org.

Primary logo

The primary logo consists of the Swan and a logotype. The logo is a single graphic entity and the ratio of image to logotype is always the same.
The typeface used for the logotype is Mark Pro Medium.
The primary logo uses the primary blue colour on a white background and white on a primary blue background.
It is the formal logo of Nordic co-operation, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Council.
The logo in other colours from the Design manual can be used in presentations, publications and other materials. The same colour is used in text and other design elements so that there is a clear connection between the visual elements and the logo.
Download logo files in SVG-fomrat in different colours (RGB) and languages. If you need other formats of the logo, please write to pub@norden.org.
primar logo.jpg

Respect distance

The distance between the logo and other communication and design elements is defined in relation to the Swan.

Endorsement logo

The endorsement logo can be used in multiple contexts, e.g. by co-branded partnerships and as a sponsorship logo. The alternative to using the endorsement logo is to place the logo with the transparent background directly on the communication interface, e.g. website, publication or invitation. In these cases, the partner selects the background colour. The partner may opt to use either the blue logo or the dark grey or white version, whichever is more appropriate. The text is in Mark Pro Bold and is placed below or to the right of the Swan logo should be adapted depending on the use and situation.
The endorsement logo is available also with dark grey on a light background, or white on a dark background. If the endorsement logo is not used, the publisher must include text explaining its relationship with the Nordic Council of Ministers.
Download endoresement logo files with the text "Funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers" in 6 languages (AI, SVG, PNG)
If you need any other text or format of the endorsement logo, please write to pub@norden.org.

Logo for translations

In work that have received a grant for the translation from the Nordic Council of Ministers, a small swan logo with associated text is placed in the colophon or in another appropriate place.
Download translation logo with the text "The translations was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers" in 6 languages (AI and SVG)
If you need other formats of the logo for translations, please write to pub@norden.org.