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Colours as signifiers of identity

The colours used to signify identity are based on the eight Nordic flags and consist of: dark blue, blue, red, and yellow. These clear and obvious colours make up the primary palette. Blue and white are consistently used as main colours in formal contexts, e.g. on letters, flags and podiums.
The accent palette is inspired by Nordic light. These are subtle colours that provide a contrast to the bold flag colours.
These primary and accent colours, combined with a scale of neutral grey tones, make up the colour universe for official Nordic co-operation.

Primary colours

The primary colours are combined with the accent colours.
White can also be combined with the primary colours (except with dark yellow and dark grey). According to the Web Accessibility Guidelines the contrast between two colour that are combined should be high, white comes in very handy together with the primary colours an photographs.
Dark blue
dark blue.jpg
HEX: #385988
RGB: 56-89-136
CMYK: 100–55–3–25
HEX: #266d51
RGB: 38-109-81
CMYK: 85–35–70–25
Primary blue
HEX: #006eb6
RGB: 0-110-182
CMYK: 100–40–0–6
HEX: #f42941
RGB: 244-41-65
CMYK: 0–100–90–0
dark yellow.jpg
HEX: #fdcf41
RGB: 253-207-65
CMYK: 0–13–100–0
Dark grey
HEX: #454547
RGB: 69-69-71
CMYK: 0–0–0–88

Accent colors for digital media

The accent colors are specially adapted to digital use and online publications. The accent colors should always be combined with the primary colors.
According to EU requirements for web design and accessibility, the contrast between colors should be high. The accent colors should therefore be used on a background of a primary color.
Light violet
HEX: #d3d5ed
RGB: 211-213-237
CMYK: 20–15–0–0
Light green
lys green.png
HEX: #e2fae1
RGB: 226-250-225
CMYK: 15–0–20–0
Light blue
HEX: #d4e9f9
RGB: 212-233-249
CMYK: 20–3–0–0
Light red
HEX: #fbdce7
RGB: 251-220-231
CMYK: 0–20–3–0
Light yellow
lys yellow.jpg
HEX: #fff0be
RGB: 255-240-190
CMYK: 0–2–35–0
Light grey
HEX: #ecedee
RGB: 236-237-238
CMYK: 4–3–6–7

Alternative accent colors for printing and graphs

The alternative accent colors can be used for printing of for example backdrops for events and fot the usage of colors in graphs (like curve diagrams in online publications).
The accent colors, which are lighter in shade than the alternative ones, are specially adapted to digital use and online publications, as the contrast between dark and light color must be high, for example in text. The accent colors becomes too light for print and graphs - and therefore we have the alternative colors.
Alt. light violet
alt violet.jpg
HEX: #bcbde2
RGB: 188-189-226
CMYK: 30–25–0–0
Alt. light green
alt green.jpg
HEX: #cde4c4
RGB: 205-228-196
CMYK: 25–0–30–0
Alt. light blue
alt blue.jpg
HEX: #afdbf6
RGB: 175-219-245
CMYK: 35–3–0–0
Alt. light red
alt red.jpg
HEX: #f8c9db
RGB: 248-201-219
CMYK: 0–30–3–0
Alt. light yellow
alt yellow.jpg
HEX: #ffed99
RGB: 255-237-153
CMYK: 0–3–50–0
Alt. light grey
HEX: #c8cacc
RGB: 201-202-204
CMYK: 0–0–0–24

Grey tones

You can use among these grey tones when making info graphics and graphs.
Grey tones can also be used in typography, if you wish a softer expression. The dark grey and the light grey can also be used on front pages for publications.
HEX: #ffffff
RGB: 255-255-255
CMYK: 0–0–0–0
Light grey
HEX: #ecedee
RGB: 236-237-238
CMYK: 4–3–6–7
Alt. light grey
HEX: #c8cacc
RGB: 201-202-204
CMYK: 0–0–0–24
HEX: #a7a9ab
RGB: 167-169-171
CMYK: 0–0–0–40
HEX: #87898c
RGB: 135-137-140
CMYK: 0–0–0–56
HEX: #696a6c
RGB: 105-106-108
CMYK: 0–0–0–72
Dark grey
HEX: #454547
RGB: 69-69-71
CMYK: 0–0–0–88
HEX: #000000
RGB: 0-0-0
CMYK: 0–0–0–100

Use of colour

Always use a combination of a primary colour and an accent colour on background, title and logo, on all of the main forms of communication (covers on publications, websites, posters, etc.). See examples below.
Farve-exempel.jpgDesign Farve test_ENGELSKA.png
Fotofarve  test_ENGELSKA.png

Yellow and grey

For reasons of legibility, the primary yellow should only be used for text on photos, or as a background colour overlaid with text in a dark shade of grey.
Farve-test_gul.pngGul o Grå Farve test_ENGELSKA.png