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This report constitutes the final deliverable of the project "Political measures to compensate for increasing costs of energy: Impacts on equity, climate, and the environment." (agreement no: EPOELY/391/2023), financed by Nordic Council of Minister and its working group for environment and economy. The project has been led by Stefan Åström, and project collaborators have been Alexander Eriksson, Erik Gråd, and Niels Baumert from Anthesis AB, Henrik Lindhjem and Erika Karttinen from Menon Economics, and Christian Fromberg and Jette Bredahl Jacobsen from Copenhagen University. During the drafting of Chapter, as well as the NCM web page and for summaries, we consulted ChatGPT software for support. The contact person for the Nordic Council of Ministers has been Lotta Eklund. The steering group from the working group for environment and economy also included Cecilia Andreasson, Lisa Björk, Magnus Cederlöf, and Tryggve Homme.
We would like to thank Ståle Navrud at Menon Economics for reviewing the report. Thanks also to the project's steering group for active involvement in the project, as well as to the workshop participants: Lars-Erik Borge, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Daniel Spiro from Uppsala University, Maria Stenström from 2030-sekretariatet, Ulla Blatt Bendtsen from the Danish Council for Climate Change, Julius Andersson from Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, Lotta Eklund from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ working group for environment and economy, and Agneta Persson from Anthesis AB.
With the steering groups approval of this report, the project is considered completed. The conclusions and recommendations presented in this report does not represent the position of the Nordic Council of Ministers or its working group on Environment and Economics. All errors are the authors’ own.