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This list includes the sources directly referred to in the main report. For more comprehensive list of sources used in each country case, see the country reports annexed to this report.
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Interviewed organisations

List includes interviewed organisations. There can be more than one person interviewed per organisation.
Bílaleiga Höldur
City of Helsinki
City of Malmö
Danske Destinationer
Icelandic Tourist Board
Innovation Norway
Lapland Safaries
Malmö Stad
Metsähallitus / Parks & Wildlife Finland
Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs of Denmark
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries of Norway
NHO Reiseliv
Regional Council of Lapland / House of Lapland
Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association
Sapmí Naeringshage
Statistics Finland
Svensk Turism
Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
The Finnish Hospitality Association Mara
The Icelandic Travel Industry Association
Tornedalen Council
Virke Travel
Visit Aarhus
Visit Denmark
Visit Faroe Islands
Visit Karelia
Visit North Iceland
Visit Rovaniemi
Visit Sweden