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Appendix 2: List of interviewees


Interviewees should not be held responsible for the content and views expressed in this report. They have neither seen nor approved the results of the analysis. Interviewees have only provided qualitative data for the analysis and some of them have contributed to a discussion of possible recommendations for Nordic actions in order to realize some of the potential co-benefits of the transition to a climate neutral Nordic society.
The views of interviewees do not represent their organizations, workplaces, or any other affiliations they might have.
  • Aleksi Neuvonen
  • Andri Snær Magnason
  • Anita Fossdal
  • Clara Halvorsen
  • Connie Hedegaard
  • Edda Aradottir
  • Filip Johnsson
  • Finnur Ricart Andrason
  • Geir Seljeseth
  • Glen Peters
  • Gunn-Britt Retter
  • Halla Sigrún Sigurðardóttir
  • Halldor Thorgeirsson
  • Hanna Hoijer
  • Isabella Lovin
  • Jakob Fritzbøger Christensen
  • Johan Kuylenstierna
  • Lars Petter Maltby
  • Markku Ollikainen
  • Martin Skancke
  • Sarah Hellebek
  • Sirkka Heinonen
  • Tinna Hallgrimsdottir
Interviews were carried out by the following members of the project team:
  • Denmark: Andreas Lind
  • Finland: Helena Määttä and Kati Berninger
  • Iceland: Nina Maria Saviolidis
  • Norway: Asbjørn Torvanger
  • Sweden: Kenneth Möllersten and Lars Zetterberg