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Recommen­dations for the Nordic Council of Ministers

Realizing the visions, or at least certain elements of the visions of the climate neutral Nordic society outlined throughout this report, requires action. This section contains five recommendations for what can be done/instigated at the Nordic level.

Instigate Nordic dialogue on “the good life” in a climate neutral society
Visions are conspicuously absent in Nordic climate change politics and thus, mobilizing citizens for a green transformation proves challenging. The Nordic Council of Ministers could fund/support Nordic dialogues on “the good life” in a climate neutral society, for example through citizen engagement activities and/or communication activities.

Fund/support research on multifunctionality in land-use
There is an underdeveloped opportunity for combining different land-use (multifunctionality), e.g., combining food production and nature conservation, combining energy development, nature conservation and agriculture. Good examples and experiences should be shared across the Nordic countries.

Collect Nordic and international examples of efficiency- and sufficiency policies
To stay within the planetary boundaries, there is a need for new inspiration for policy- and decisionmakers across the Nordic countries with respect to efficiency and sufficiency policies. Stimulation of a less consumption-focused/growth-oriented and more sufficiency-based lifestyle can catalyze the green transition and make many sustainability goals more achievable. An outcome could be a sufficiency policy toolbox, building on international experiences and examples.
Fund/support research on how to achieve a fair, just green transition
This could include research on the potential of improving equality and other social issues in climate- and environmental policy. This should build on existing research in the Nordic countries, e.g. the project Not Just a Green Transition (NJUST), conducted by Nordregio in collaboration with the Nordic Welfare Centre.  

Fund/support research on the planetary boundaries
A Nordic society in balance is a society that stays within planetary boundaries. But what does that mean for the Nordic region and the individual Nordic countries? More work can be done on translating the planetary boundaries framework from a scientific exercise to a practical framework for future policies.