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Preface by the Finnish HNG-Digital member Jarkko Levasma

The Nordic Council of Ministers has a vision that the Nordic countries will be the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. For this ambitious vision, the Nordic Council of Ministers has launched joint projects and initiated cooperation to support the selected strategic priorities: mobility, green approaches, and social sustainability.

During the Finnish Presidency in 2021, a three-year project, Achieving the World’s Smoothest Cross-Border Mobility and Daily Life through Digitalisation was launched to provide a step in the right direction on the path towards these goals. Focusing on data exchange across borders, cooperation in different sectors and between different authority organisations was built in the project structure. The project promotes the mobility of data by putting the needs of people’s everyday lives at the centre.
The goal of digitisation has long been to improve public administration services and the customer experience. This is also taken into account in local government programmes, highlighting ways to improve the quality, efficiency and availability of public services.
On cross-border and national data exchange, one of the most visible areas of future development is the EU’s common digital wallet. It enables ease and speed of business processes. The digital wallet concept also offers the possibility to combine different services in one place, which reduces unnecessary paperwork and saves time.
In their new development work, the authority organisations in the Nordic and Baltic countries retain their focus on development of digital security. The public administrations share a firm commitment to information security so that citizens’ personal information and privacy are protected.
All these goals offer citizens even better services and reduce the administrative burden. In the midst of all this, however, we must not forget the already existing digital solutions that make our lives easier. Commitment to shared standards, exchanging experiences, and further developing already existing solutions have built a strong foundation for Nordic and Baltic cooperation.
This Handbook aims to strengthen the flow of data, share good practices, and support creating operating models for cross-border data exchange. To become the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030, we must work together and support the formation of the Nordic-Baltic voice.
Portrait of Jarkko Levasma
Jarkko Levasma
Finnish HNG-Digital member
Director General of Public Sector ICT