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Appendix II: Product types

Product type
Examples of products in this project
Activity toys, Bath toys, Balloons, Fidget spinners, Finger paint, Costumes, Toy figure, Toy food, Dolls, Pen, Plastic toy, Putty, Puzzle mat, Rubber toy, Slime, Game, Squishy, Stretch toy, Inflatable toys, Water toys, Puzzles, Ttethers
Electrical product
3D pen, Lighting, Car, Portable vacuum cleaner, Wire, Camera, Camping shower, Charger, Drone, Headphones, Earphones, Electric tool, Epilator, Fan, Flashlight, Remote control, Magnifying glass, Gadgets, Gloves with lamps, Insect trap, Kitchen appliances, Watch, Lamp, Curling Iron, Head lamp, Personal protection, Power adapter, Decorative item, Radio, Sewing machine, Smart watch, Solar panel lamp, Speaker, Tablet, Tool, Washing machine, USB cable, USB charger, Vacuum cleaner, Skirt with LED-lightning
Electrical toy
Radio controlled car, flashing baby rattle, Activity toys with sound and light, Robots, Moving dolls
Sports and leisure
Grill cover, Gym band, Gym ball, Hammock,
Massage ball, Mouse pad, Outdoor cushion, Outdoor heating pad, Parasol cover, Training equipment
Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings
Clothes, shoes and accessories
Jacket, Jeans, Trousers, T-shirt, Shirt, Watch, Keyring, Rain poncho, Rubber boots, Sandal, Shoes, Slippers, Eyeglasses, Protective glasses, Sports glasses, Bags, Eye mask, Umbrella
Tattoo Ink, Micropigmentation ink
Interior articles
Bed sheet, Carpet, PVC-tile, Tape, Storage bag, Bathroom article, Kitchen article, Floor mat,
Childcare article
Pacifier, Bib