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Appendix I: Definitions in this project

In this report, we use the word products as a collective term for all types of products investigated (chemical products and articles).
The REACH definition of articles is: “an object which during production is given a special shape, surface or design which determines its function to a greater degree than does its chemical composition.” Examples are dolls, clothes, electrical products, home styling products, sports equipment, bags, jewellery, gifts etc.
Chemical product
Chemical substances and mixtures for example tattoo ink.
National marketplace
In this project a national marketplace is a marketplace with responsible economic operator in one of the Nordic countries.
Examples are Fyndiq (Sweden), CDON (Sweden), Finn.no (Norway).
Web shop
This is the traditional form of e-commerce. Unlike marketplaces and dropshipping stores, the company behind the online store owns the products that are sold. Most often they have their own inventory. In our report, we do not include marketplaces and dropshipping in the concept of web shops.
Failure to comply with any requirement in legislation.
Any measure aimed at preventing a product in the supply chain from being made available on the market.
Any natural or legal person who manufactures a product or has a product designed or manufactured and markets that product under its name or trademark.
Any natural or legal person established within the Union who places a product from a third country on the Union market.
Any natural or legal person in the supply chain, other than the manufacturer or the importer, who makes a product available on the market
Any natural or legal person residing or established in the Union, to whom a product has been made available either as a consumer outside of any trade, business, craft or profession or as a professional end user in the course of its industrial or professional activities.
Economic operator
The manufacturer, the authorized representative, the importer, the distributor, the fulfilment service provider or any other natural or legal person who is subject to obligations in relation to the manufacture of products, making them available on the market or putting them into service in accordance with the relevant Union harmonization legislation.
Responsible actor
Not a legal term. Used generally when an economic operator subject to obligations is not determined. It is used to refer to the company (or private person) behind the marketplaces, dropshipping stores and web shops.
The Information and Communication System on Market Surveillance (ICSMS) is an IT platform to facilitate communication between market surveillance bodies in EU and EFTA countries. It quickly and efficiently shares information on non-compliant products, avoids duplication of work and speeds up the removal of unsafe products from the market.