This report was written by
  • Solbjørg Hogstad, Mattilsynet (The Norwegian Food Safety Authority), Norway
  • Dorthe Licht Cederberg and Helle Eriksen, Fødevarestyrelsen (The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration), Denmark
  • Barbro Kollander, Livsmedelsverket (The Swedish Food Agency), Sweden
  • Grímur Ólafsson, Matvælastofnun (The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority), Iceland
  • Bjørg Mikkelsen, Heilsufrøðiliga starvsstovan (The Faroese Food & Veterinary Authority), The Faroe Islands
Sincere gratitude is directed to colleagues at the public agencies and research institutions involved in preparing this report. The authors would also like to thank the Nordic Council of Ministers for providing us with the opportunity to conduct this project.
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