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This publication was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Technopolis was commissioned to perform this study by Nordic Energy Research (NER) on behalf of the Electricity Market Group (EMG) under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Maj Dang Trong at Nordic Energy Research was the coordinator of the project.

Team at Technopolis

Sebastian Eriksson Berggren, Theresa Witt, Erika Van der Linden, Lisanne Saes, Love Edander Arvefjord, David Heckenberg, Theresa Iglauer, Laura Sutinen, Emma Hanning and Göran Melin.

Steering Group

The study was supervised and guided by representatives from the Electricity Market Group.
Additional contribution: Martin Salamon and Rikke Gemmer Pallesen at the Danish Energy Agency.


Comments and questions are welcome and should be addressed to:
Sebastian Berggren, e-mail: sebastian.berggren@technopolis-group.com.

For inquiries regarding the presentation of results or distribution of the report, please contact Nordic Energy Research. Additional materials, press coverage, presentations etc. can be found at www.nordicenergy.org.


The report was proofread by Pia Sander, Sprog & Web, Denmark.