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Sebastian Eriksson Berggren, Theresa Witt, Erika Van der Linden, Lisanne Saes, Love Edander Arvefjord, David Heckenberg, Theresa Iglauer, Laura Sutinen, Emma Hanning and Göran Melin.
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Published: 16.08.2023


The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the consultants. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Energy Research, or any entities they represent. The individuals and organizations that contributed to this publication are not responsible for any judgements herein.

Technopolis Group

Technopolis Group is an international research and policy consulting organisation, mostly working for the public sector. Timely information and understanding are needed to address today’s urgent policy challenges. Technopolis Group’s mission is therefore to provide strategic advice, based on evidence, scientific insight and experience, to help decision-makers tackle complex transitions and systemic changes, take decisions that support sustainability, improve the effectiveness of policy, and communicate with wider society. 

Nordic Energy Research

Nordic Energy Research is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers which manages and finances international research programs and projects that add value to national work in the Nordic countries. In addition, we perform certain secretariat and analytical functions in the energy policy cooperation under the Nordic Council of Ministers.