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Vision and recommendations for Nordic democratic debate in the age of Big Tech

  1. Establish a Nordic Centre for Tech and Democracy to support the enforcement of European tech regulation, share experiences and develop new policies
  1. Protect the well-being and safety of children and youth online and push for more general control for citizens
  2. Establish an online hub for knowledge exchange on digital literacy
  1. Support the volunteers who facilitate online communities where democratic debate unfolds
  2. Promote the innovation and implementation of technology that supports open digital public debate to create alternatives to large online platforms
  1. Give public service media a strong digital mandate for online presence, content creation and development of platforms for democratic debate online
  2. Step up support for independent fact checkers
  3. Push for better content moderation in the Nordics
  4. Initiate a Nordic task force to oppose the risks to democracy from disinformation generated by artificial intelligence
  1. Support access to platform data and algorithms for independent researchers
  2. Commission a biennial report on the state of Nordic digital democracies