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Conclusions & Reflections

Workshop: Establishing a Youth Climate Council

Leveraging the Power of National Youth Climate Councils

DECEMBER 11, 9.30–10.15 (UTC+4)

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Youth Climate Council Global Alliance
Following the successful launch of the Youth Climate Council toolkit at COP27, the Youth Climate Council Global Alliance has facilitated the establishment of Youth Climate Councils in Costa Rica and Uganda, and we are currently assisting young activists in Ukraine, Nigeria, and Colombia to form their own Youth Climate Councils. This workshop is designed to assist youth seeking guidance in establishing similar bodies in their countries and advocating for institutional change. Recognizing the crucial role of youth in shaping climate policies, this session aims to raise awareness among policymakers, NGO representatives, the private sector, and researchers. To truly make a difference, we need everyone on board, so join this workshop for practical tips and an updated toolkit on establishing a Youth Climate Council.
Nirel Vásquez Gúzman
Initiator, Youth Climate Council Costa Rica
Elise Sydendal
Member, Youth Climate Council Denmark
Alejandro Jaimes Bahamón
Initiator, Youth Climate Council Colombia
Kasia Smętek
Global Coordinator, Youth Climate Council Global Alliance
Margaret Impraim
Assistant Global Coordinator, Youth Climate Council Global Alliance
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Geoengineering: Can a Seabed Curtain Delay Global Sea Level Rise?

DECEMBER 11, 10.45–11.30 (UTC+4)

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UARctic Tipping Point Actions 
 What's next? According to the IPCC ARG WG2, global warming is likely to exceed the 1.5°C threshold, with the IEA stating that we are on a trajectory toward a 2.4°C increase. If this occurs, we risk surpassing critical tipping points related to Greenland and West Antarctica glaciers, summer Arctic sea ice, and permafrost. As another COP concludes, we must explore ways to delay, minimize, or prevent the worst consequences of the current climate crisis. This panel will delve into geoengineering, with a focus on the Seabed Curtain project.
Marianne Hagen
Uarctic Tipping Point Actions
Ilana Seid
UN Ambassador of Palau
Hugh Hunt
Centre for Climate Repair, Cambridge University
Anton Keskinen
Operaatio Arktis
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Agrifood systems for climate action

Synergizing Food Systems Transformation and Climate Action

DECEMBER 11, 12.00–13.00 (UTC+4)

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UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, Nordic Council of Ministers
Climate change and food systems are intricately linked and addressing the challenges associated with both requires coordinated global efforts. The UN Secretary-General has called upon leaders to incorporate food systems strategies into their national policies, including those related to climate action and nature.
This event will discuss and present innovative approaches and strategies for coordinated food systems and climate actions to accelerate the progress for Agenda 2023.
Mr. Stefanos Fotiou
UN Food Systems Coordination Hub
Ms. Karen Ellemann
Secretary General,
Nordic Council of Ministers
H.E. Yasmine Fouad
Minister of Environment of Egypt
Mr. Patrick Caron
CGIAR System Board Member (Vice Chair)
Mr. Kristofer Hamel
Representative of COP28
Mr. David Laborde
Division Director, ESA, FAO
Mr. Khaled El Taweel
Program Coordinator, UN Food Systems Coordination Hub
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Daily Briefing from the Negotiations

We Open the Backdoor to the UN Climate Conference in Dubai, and Together with Nordic Heads of Delegations, Give You the Latest Update Directly from the Negotiation Rooms

DECEMBER 11, 13.45–14.15 (UTC+4)

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Nordic Co-operation
Marjo Nummelin
Head of Delegation Finland 
Marie Karlberg
Senior Adviser, NCM Secretariat
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Youth Reflections on COP28

Youth Representatives Reflect on the COP28 Process and Outcome

DECEMBER 11, 14.45–15.30 (UTC+4)

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Norwegian National Youth Council (LNU)
As the negotiations come to a close, youth representatives from the Nordics and around the world will share reflections on the results of COP28. The panel will discuss their perspectives on both the process and outcomes of COP28 and how to move forward.
Elise Åsnes
President of Spire
Eric Njuguna
Kenyan climate activist
Akseli Rouvari
UN Youth Climate Delegate of Finland
Unnur Kristinsdottir
UN Youth Climate Delegate of Iceland
Keynote speaker
Reem Al Saffar
Greenpeace Egypt  
Keynote listener
Snighda Tiwari
Indian climate activist 
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The Climate Crisis is a Human Rights Crisis

Civil Society Participation at COP28 and Beyond

DECEMBER 11, 17.15–18.00 (UTC+4)

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Nordic Council
Rights-respecting climate action requires the full participation of civil society, climate activists and human rights defenders. This event will discuss how restrictions on civic rights threaten climate action around the world and what governments and the UNFCCC should do to ensure that activists can mobilize for climate action aligned with human rights.
Bruno Stagno
Chief Advocacy Officer, Human Rights Watch
Lene Westward-Halle
Norwegian Member of Parliament 
Ahmed Alnuaime
Emirati human rights defender and brother of unjustly detained mass trial victim Khaled al Nuaimi
Kristine Beckerle
Researcher, Amnesty International
Sébastien Duyck
Senior Attorney and Human Rights & Climate Campaign Manager,
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
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Reception: The imperative of Parliamentarian scrutiny

DECEMBER 11, 18.15–19.30 (UTC+4)

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Nordic Council
The imperative for parliamentary scrutiny in ensuring governmental delivery against UN and domestic agreements.
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Official COP28 side-event: Health, food and climate action

DECEMBER 11, 18.30–20.00 (UTC+4)

Side Event Room 4, Blue Zone, COP28, Dubai

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Finland, Nordic Council of Ministers, World Health Organization (WHO)
Health, food & climate must be embedded in climate action. A just green transition; alliances across nutrition & climate communities; as well as a common narrative around climate, nutrition, and food, will be key. A systems approach for the health of our bodies & planet is needed across borders. 
Food is part of our everyday lives and plays an important part in cultures across the world. But the food we consume is also connected to our health and to the climate. 
Nutrition is the foundation for healthy lives, and we need to ensure that everyone has access to healthy and sustainable diets. Research shows that healthy diets are also more environmentally sustainable. The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2023 (NNR2023) is one of the globally leading scientific reports showing the interlinkages between healthy and sustainable diets, and the many synergies that exist. WHO has issued guidelines for healthy and sustainable diets, in line with the guidance of NNR2023, that show the imperative of taking action to include health perspectives in the climate agenda. 
At this official COP28 side-event, you will hear from experts, researchers and policymakers about the challenges, solutions and benefits that exists in connecting health, food and climate. Welcome on 11 December!
Karen Ellemann
Secretary General, Nordic Council of Ministers
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Director-General, World Health Organization  (video)  
Kai Mykkänen
Minister of Climate and the Environment, Finland
H.E. Dr Yasmine Fouad
Minister of Environment of the Arab Republic of Egypt 
Dr Francesco Branca
Director, Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, World Health Organization
Lana Weidgenant
Youth representative, The Coalition of Action on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems for Children and All 
Claire Bury
Deputy Director-General for Food Sustainability, DG Sante, European Commission
Research insights
H.E. Dr Getahun Garedew Wodaje
Director General of the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority (EEPA)
Dr Lawrence Haddad
Executive Director, GAIN
Dr Rune Blomhoff
Oslo University, Project Leader of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2023
Dr Madhuvanti Murphy
Senior Lecturer and Researcher, University of the West Indies
Concluding remarks
Helina Teklu
Chief Executive Officer, Seed Balls Ethiopia
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