Organisation in the Nordic Council of Ministers

A shared responsibility

All activities within the Nordic Council of Ministers have a responsibility for basing their work on the vision of this strategy. Furthermore, all activities have a responsibility for developing their knowledge of the various situations of children and young people in the respective policy areas, as well for integrating into their work a children’s rights and youth perspective.
The Ministers for Nordic Co-operation (MR-SAM) and thereunder the Nordic Committee for Co-operation (NSK) have overall responsibility for co-ordinating Nordic co-operation on matters relating to children and young people at the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Councils of ministers with special responsibility

There are certain sectors of the Nordic Council of Ministers that have particular importance in the lives of children and young people, hence the work of the three strategic focus areas of this strategy. The sectors with special responsibility for working with these areas are:
  • Ministers for Labour (MR-A)
  • Ministers for Gender Equality (MR-JÄM)
  • Ministers for Culture (MR-K)
  • Ministers for Regional Development (MR-NER)
  • Ministers for Health and Social Affairs (MR-S)
  • Ministers for Education and Research, including language co-operation (MR-U)

Nordic Committee for Children and Young People (NORDBUK)

The Nordic Committee for Children and Young People (NORDBUK) is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ advisory and co-ordinating body in matters relating to Nordic and international children’s and youth policy. NORDBUK’s activities are governed by the committee’s regulations and this strategy. NORDBUK will assist the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation (MR-SAM) in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of this strategy and its objectives.
NORDBUK will support the councils of ministers in working on the basis of a children’s rights and youth perspective and will support cross-sectoral co-operation within the Nordic Council of Ministers on children’s and youth policy matters.
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