Follow-up and reporting

As support for the implementation of this strategy, an implementation plan has been drawn up by NORDBUK. The councils of ministers with special responsibility for this strategy (MR-A, MR-JÄM, MR-K, MR-NER, MR-S, and MR-U) are developing goals for their efforts within the strategy’s three strategic focus areas.
These goals are followed up and reported to MR-SAM in a single report every two years along with a follow-up of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ work on the integration of a children’s rights and youth perspective as a whole. The report is addressed first by NORDBUK, which is responsible for assessing developments and for proposing amendments to MR-SAM.
The development of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ work on this strategy will be reported to both the Nordic Youth Council and the Nordic Council every two years.
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