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1. Preface

The Vision for Nordic cooperation is for the Nordic region to become the most integrated and sustainable region by 2030. Nordic Innovation aims to advance the Nordic countries to be the most sustainable and integrated health region in the world by 2030. As part of the Life Science & Health Tech program Nordic Innovation is working on strengthening export opportunities, better collaboration between Nordic testbeds, and the sharing and use of Nordic health data.
A key component in making the Nordic region an innovation hub for Health tech and Med-tech companies is the access to risk capital. And for that, the Nordic companies and the environment that surrounds them must be attractive for investors to choose to invest. 
Nordic Innovation wanted a snapshot of what the investor landscape for companies that work within technologies for health, looks like, we wanted the opinion of the investors, and we wanted to see to what degree the investors look across the Nordic region for investment opportunities.  
Our goal is that the findings will inspire Nordic companies to be more aware of the views and investment patterns of the investors in this space and be able to capitalize on these. Furthermore, we hope this report encourages new investors to explore the opportunities in Nordic Health Tech. 
Disclaimer: This report is part of the Nordic Innovation program Life Science & Health Tech. Venture Challenge is responsible for all its content.

Oslo, October 2023
Svein Berg, Managing Director
Nordic Innovation