1. Foreword

The co-operation in the justice sector shall contribute to achieving the vision set down by the Nordic prime ministers of making the Nordic Region the most sustainable and integrated in the world by 2030 (Our Vision 2030).
The co-operation on legal affairs in the justice sector shall help to promote the shared basic principles in Nordic legislation that are in accordance with the shared Nordic values. It is also an important element in the European legislative work and for facilitating the national implementation of EU/EEA legal acts and other international obligations.
The co-operation in the sector has a particular focus on promoting democracy and the rule of law, unified legislation in the Nordic region, Nordic benefit and crime prevention. In terms of the goals set out in Our Vision 2030, the co-operation mainly contributes to the strategic priority of a socially sustainable Nordic region but it also contributes to the strategic priority of a competitive Nordic region.

The 12 vision goals

A GREEN NORDIC REGION. Together, we will promote a green transition of our societies and work towards carbon neutrality and a sustainable circular and bio-based economy. ​
In 2021-24, the Nordic Council of Ministers will:
1.  strengthen research and development and the promotion of solutions that support carbon  neutrality and climate adaptation, including in relation to transport, construction, food, and energy; 
2.  contribute to the safeguarding of biodiversity and the sustainable use of the Nordic Region’s nature and seas;
3.  promote a circular and bio-based economy, sustainable and competitive production, sustainable food systems, and resource-efficient and non-toxic cycles in the Nordic Region;
4.  make it much easier and more attractive for Nordic consumers to prioritise healthy and  environmentally and climate-friendly choices, with joint efforts relating to sustainable  consumption;
5.  contribute to the positive development of international co-operation on the environment and climate, such as by promoting Nordic green solutions in the rest of the world.

A COMPETITIVE NORDIC REGION. ​Together, we will promote green growth in the Nordic region based on knowledge, innovation, mobility, and digital integration.​
​In 2021-24, the Nordic Council of Ministers will:
6.  support knowledge and innovation and make it easier for companies throughout the Nordic Region to take full advantage of the development opportunities created by the green, technological, and digital transformation, and the growing bioeconomy;
7.  develop skills and well-functioning labour markets that match the requirements of the green transition and digital developments, and that support freedom of movement in the Nordic Region;
8.  leverage digitalisation and education to bind the Nordic countries even closer together.​

A SOCIALLY SUSTAINABLE NORDIC REGION. Together, we will promote an inclusive, equal, and interconnected region with shared values and strengthened cultural exchanges and welfare.​
In 2021-24, the Nordic Council of Ministers will:
9.  contribute to good, equal, and secure health and welfare for all;
10.  work to involve everyone living in the Nordic Region in the green transition and digital  developments, utilise the potential of this transition, and counteract the widening of gaps in society as a result of this transition;
11.  give Nordic civil society, and especially children and young people, a louder voice and greater  participation in Nordic co-operation, as well as increase their knowledge of the languages and  cultures of neighbouring countries;
12.  maintain trust and cohesion in the Nordic Region, its shared values, and the Nordic community with an emphasis on culture, democracy, equality, inclusion, non-discrimination, and freedom of expression.
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