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Embrace Diversity

Draw up a shared Nordic definition of integration that promotes inclusion and participation and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to society through universal participation and capacity building.
  1. Formulate a common definition of integration to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to participate in society, regardless of background. A shared Nordic definition of integration should focus on building capacity and empowering individuals to contribute to society.
  2. Building capacity implies more than simply providing goods and services. It involves developing several interrelated capabilities – scientific, artistic, technical, social, moral and spiritual – and covers inclusive education, labour-market integration, language acquisition and social integration.
The Nordic countries can draw up a model for other countries to follow. The purpose of formulating a common Nordic definition of integration is to create vibrant societies in which everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute. This definition should be based on the principles of inclusion, participation and respect for diversity. It should also stress the importance of capacity building, which is the process of developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that people need to participate in and contribute to society.