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Moving Forward

Photo: Unsplash
In line with the successful announcement made at COP26 of the collective commitment of US$130 billion to be deployed to green projects by 2030 and coupled with the positive signals from asset owners wishing to invest in emerging markets and developing economies, the following activities are being considered.
Firstly, the Climate Investment Coalition has the ambition to report on the investments that have been deployed in emerging markets and developing economies. A detailed breakdown of these investments is crucial to analyse the opportunities and challenges tied to such investments, while setting ground for the best way forward.
Secondly, these recommendations can serve as a backbone for the CIC members and network to exemplify the bottlenecks for reaching climate investments at scale in emerging markets and developing economies. On the road to COP28 in Dubai, Climate Investment Coalition would like to build on these recommendations to work with private developers and companies, international organisations, development finance institutions (DFI’s), and governments to build and strengthen strategic public-private partnerships and multilateral climate finance models aiming to accelerate climate investments in emerging markets and developing economies.
This could be supported by a series of workshops between private and public stakeholders in the Nordics and stakeholders from emerging and developing economies to discuss and detail the recommendations and way forward. Building and strengthening public-private partnerships is crucial to create real economy impact in emerging markets and developing economies. The Climate Investment Coalition is well positioned to support this development and will aim to facilitate its members to actively engage in new public-private partnerships to deploy more capital to investments in climate and clean energy in emerging and developing markets.
On the way to COP28, the Climate Investment Coalition will explore the options to create interactive platforms for key stakeholders to analyse and promote capacity building, while seeking to mobilise new and increased financial commitments for climate investments by 2030 from asset owners from developed economies. These commitments can support bridging the climate finance and investment gap by 2030. This would also connect to the Climate Investment Coalition’s reporting of previous commitments made by its asset owner members, to be announced on an annual basis.